Phoenix Information Technology Company

Main goal of Phoenix has always been providing integrated IT solutions.

ققنوس_شرکت فناوری اطلاعات ققنوس_ طراحی گرافیک

Application design

طراحی سایت

Web design and SEO

نرم افزارهای سازمانی

Enterprise software


SMS panel

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Graphic Design

ققنوس_شرکت فناوری اطلاعات ققنوس_ طراحی گرافیک

virtual teaching


Support and service

More than 300 successful experiences in support and service

Earth and sign project

In this project the customers are able to measure the earth and the need of the electricity. The
major distributor is also able to supervise all the activities.

Qoqnoos Earth and sign project

Phoenix products

Qoqnoos Promotional projects

Official verification

Due to fluctuating prices in recent market our team produced an effective software
To choose the best contractors and officially verify their credentials

Qoqnoos Official verification

Promotional projects

This project has been one the most favorable projects in recent years particularly by the power

Supervising procedure

In this project the management of the distributor are able to supervise all the contracts
Completely with clear transparency

Phoenix Application Design Department

Creativity and innovation, customer orientation and cost reduction, speed of action combined with accuracy and the provision of appropriate support services in the shortest possible time are the factors that make Phoenix stand out from other partners.

Qoqnoos Application

Like a unique phoenix…

The legendary phoenix bird

Ghoghnous started in 2004. Our first goal was to produce financial softwares for our customers,  helping them to use it and educate them to maintain the efficiency of the   program. We pursue The same goal with much more now.

Auction is one of the most part of the governmental contracts. This process must be managed   carefully. We developed a software which most of our customers like and use .This software  addresses the list of all the purchases , all necessary equipment, the offer prices and much more.